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University Health Network - Altum Health - IT Consultant

I was an IT Consultant on infrastructure upgrades and move to a custom client management application hosted on Azure cloud. I was responsible for transformation planning, data migration and risk analysis.

A Hospital Network - Ontario

Performed technical consulting with a network of 14 hospitals in Ontario to deliver a healthcare program for musculoskeletal problems. I managing technical vendors and advised on a data trust strategy.


I co-founded - a spin-out of the work from Blockbird Ventures. We help organizations protect their customers’ data against internal data breaches. Using machine learning, we alerted an organization when we identified suspicious behavior or potential cybersecurity attack.


Blockbird Ventures

I was an engineering partner on a team developing a platform for privacy compliance and breach monitoring. The solution was a ‘first-of-its-kind’ implementation that delivered continuous privacy compliance for large organizations.

The Patient Data Network

I am founder and project lead for the Open-Source project called The Patient Data Network. The network enables people to access and share their health data securely and transparently. It is built on the Hyperledger Composer Blockchain and uses HL7 FHIR resources.


Activate - Heart and Stroke Foundation

I managed the requirements analysis and initiation phase of the project for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada to use NexJ Health platform. The project empowered individuals to reach their health goals through personalized engagement and coaching.

Virtual Care Program at University of Ottawa Heart Institute

I worked with the clinical team and health coaches on promoting and enhancing the NexJ Connected Wellness Platform. The goal of the project was to track and monitor heart disease risk factors for their patients.

Ottawa Hearth Institute

Young Adult Mental Health at Stella’s Place

I managed the deployment of the NexJ Connected Wellness platform at Stella’s Place for improving young adult mental health. The project included initialisation, requirements analysis and implementation to enable peer support and delivering care plans for young adults.

Stella’s Place

Altum Client Management System

I led the team that created a client management system for Altum Health. The project scope included client registration, clinical workflow and billing. The project followed LEAN process improvement. I managed a team of 4 developers, a business analyst and product designers.

Data collection in various clinical environments at UHN

I helped deploy, analyze workflow and manage change for data collection at various hospitals and multiple complex clinical environments. I worked with the following list of departments/groups: Orthopaedics; Rheumatology; Prostate Cancer; Surgery; Neurology; Rehab; Multi-organ transplant; Nephrology; Sports medicine.

DADOS - An Open Platform for Prospective Data Collection

I led a distributed development (Agile) and implementation team. I drove business development and lead generation with new departments and hospitals across Canada. Worked closely with clinical teams to understand their workflow and implemented lean-six-sigma process improvement where appropriate.

DADOS Project

WyseOp - iOS and Android app for common musculoskeletal problems

I acted as the key link between the technical team and clinical leads. WyseOp is an app that helps individuals to better understand and take control of their own care. The aim of the project was to work together with healthcare providers to create a care plan for lower back, knee or shoulder pain.

Health-E-Child - EU funded project to connect pediatric hospitals across Europe

I was a research scientist developing tools and algorithms for cardiac image analysis with the Siemens research team in Erlangen, Germand and Princeton, NJ. The Health-e-Child project developed a platform to integrate information from traditional and emerging sources to support personalised and preventative medicine.